We are not in competition with the usual suspects when it comes to doors. We are different. We don’t use MDF or some other core that gets a wood veneer applied to it- we use solid materials. A door shop uses low skilled labor who knows how to input information into a computer. We use master carpenters that are able to think outside the box in order to maximize the potential of every door, cabinet or countertop. My goal is to serve a select clientele of customers who are tired of the typical construction methods of today’s manufactured goods and provide a one of a kind product that speaks quality and strength. We have been very fortunate to serve clients who demand the highest quality products, and were able to deliver to them something that exceeded their expectations.I love hearing comments from our customers about how excited they are to show it to their friends. Please spend time looking at a few of our pictures to see if you see something that you would be proud to show your friends.

This is the most exciting component of our growth in the last few years. The fabrication of custom wood products has combined the best of both worlds of carpentry. I love how the “skeleton” of the building looks; there is creativity, there is strength; it is a work of art- and it is always sad for me to see it covered up with the final finishes. Building a unique Entry door provides the same excitement as framing does with out having to cover it up- this work gets to be show cased!