At Stout Precision Development Inc., we always strive to bring our clients the highest level of service in all aspects of our business. 

  1. Integrity

    We always want to be known as being honest and truthful in all our correspondences with our clients, suppliers and employees. Trust is the building block that has allowed us to become a successful business and Trust will allow us to continue to grow regardless of market conditions.
  2. Quality Craftsmanship

    Our name communicates PRECISION because that is my work ethic. It is always better to do something right the first time than trying to repair bad workmanship. We want to impress everybody that may walk into one of the homes that we are building, if they see a clean, organized work environment with carpentry that looks thought out and installed in a professional manner, it creates a mood of confidence in our homebuilders and owners and it sets a standard for the trades that follow us.
  3. Reliable Service

    Quality craftsmanship losses its value if there isn’t service that stands behind it. We pride ourselves on doing our work in a timely manner, we communicate prior to starting any project the anticipated time to complete the project as well as days in the schedule that we will be absent from the worksite. We are always in communication with the builders discussing the schedule and we are prompt to return after completion to address modifications or alterations that may be necessary to serve the homeowner.
  4. Attention to details

    In order to streamline our scope of work we evaluate the plans to find areas that may present problems for other tradesmen. We will discuss with the builder our recommendations or seek their input for how they would like to see the problem resolved. This step allows us to complete the project in a timelier manner, as well as the builder, due to the elimination of any rework necessary to solve such problems.
  5. Overall Customer Satisfaction

    If we are able to establish Integrity, and deliver on craftsmanship, service, and attention to detail, then we have an excellent opportunity to become the preferred contractor on the builders bid list. There are plenty of sub-contractors that are only looking for the next job to complete, we are interested in a long term relationship, and I want to be a part of your team providing the “specialized rough and trim carpentry” that your home deserves.