At Stout Precision Development, Inc. we care about our employees and their families needs. We offer health insurance to both the employee and their family, with the employee choosing which premium and deduction plan best fits their needs. Stout Precision Development, Inc. also pays a portion of the entire health insurance package.

Our employees are also eligible to sign up for our 401(k) retirement program in which we match a portion of the employees contributions. The employee has many investment options in our 401(k), and is free to choose where the money is directed to go. With our retirement plan there is no vestment schedule, so the money that is deposited into your account is yours to keep regardless of your job status.

We also provide pastoral care for our employees who may find themselves in need of pastoral care. This service is provided by Corporate Chaplains of America (can we insert a link?) through a weekly jobsite visit. We encourage all of our employees to take advantage of the services that they provide.

Through our payroll service we are also able to provide direct deposit as well as debit cards to our employees that may find these services helpful.

We offer paid vacations to our managers and foreman, as well as company vehicles.

Our goal is to establish a long term relationship with our employees by rewarding them for their loyalty. If you desire to offer your best talents to a company that wants to reward you for that commitment, please feel free to contact us to find out about any employment opportunities that are available.

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