Stout Precision Development, Inc.


In 1994, Stout Precision Development, Inc. opened it’s doors as a framing contractor for east valley custom homes. We started with 6 employees and a desire to be the best carpentry contractor in the valley.

Since that time we have become one of the premier framing contractors in the valley, and our clients are some of the most exclusive builders in the valley. Many builders have spent years trying to put together a group of sub-contractors to act as a team on these very difficult and demanding projects. To be a part of these teams, you obviously must be qualified to deliver a quality product, but you also need to be a team player. The many different trades must be able to co-operate with each other and be able to anticipate their needs. We pride ourselves in our ability to anticipate problems that other trades may encounter. If we do our job correctly, and provide (where possible) the necessary access for plumbing, electrical, HVAC and others, the jobsite is more efficient and the overall appearance of the job gives the owners confidence that they are buying a home that will meet their expectations.

We are not the type of company that relies on the old adage “I built it per plans” when the plans obviously did not address a problem. We try to see problems in advance and bring our concerns to the client. Our commitment to our clients has not changed since we opened our doors, and as time goes by, we understand that this commitment has been the secret to our success. Every project presents a new set of challenges, and we are excited about that because we know that very few companies are up to that challenge.

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